Kick out the illegal gold miners

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I'm sharing a petition that can be found at to kick out the 20,000 illegal gold miners out of Yanomami territory. There is a long and bloody history between the garimpeiros and the Yanomami people. Not only have they murdered Yanomami people but they are destroying their home by poisoning the waters with mercury and deforesting large swaths of land. Keep in mind that this devastation goes beyond what is happening on the ground in the Amazon; between the Yanomami and the miners. It's scheme of corruption between governments and corporate enterprises, the global market, and complicit consumers. It is blood gold.I want the world to listen and share this petition.

Launched in Brazil it certainly relates to the destruction miners have caused in Venezuela. This is not just about the Yanomami people. It's about protecting the health of our planet, the Amazon ecosystem, and securing a safe and healthy future for all of humanity. And after you have signed please reflect on how you can make a difference by limiting your carbon footprint, use of plastics, and how to be a better steward of this planet. If not for yourself, then for the people you love.


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